From the Editor


I have found Saryon’s new book, Roya Sands and the Living Library, to be one of the most mind-blowing, vibration raising, consciousness expanding, and enlightening spiritual masterpieces I have ever read. As a voracious reader of spiritual literature of all kinds, I was completely amazed at Saryon’s ability to surprise me at every turn. Almost every other page presents yet another golden nugget of profound wisdom that just rocked my world.

Many of the enlightening spiritual concepts woven throughout this story are unique perspectives I have never encountered before. In fact, Saryon has coined many new phrases for some of these principles that I strongly believe will enter into the mass consciousness of our spiritual vocabulary and soon be spoken of freely in spiritual circles everywhere. Not only that, but the revelation of expanded levels of reality described in great detail in this book will open many minds to a broader understanding of worlds that have been hidden from us for so very long. This was one of the features of the book I enjoyed the most, as reading the book made me feel as if I went on the adventures with the characters and saw, heard, felt, and experienced what they did in the most amazing places I could imagine.

Thrill-chills of excitement ran through me often, as some part of me firmly believes these places, as different as they are from my current experience of the world, must be real. I can’t help wondering if Saryon has actually been there and is describing through the means of fiction what he has actually seen, learned, and experienced himself! In any case, my mind has now been opened even further to the possibilities of a greater reality.

This book reminded me of the experiences I had while reading The Celestine Prophecy series. It even has many similar elements: the discovery of a text filled with profound knowledge, the excitement of amazing adventures that ensue because of it, the psychological interplay of personalities with various characteristics and abilities, and the personal benefit of great spiritual growth and expanded understanding through the experience of reading it. Roya Sands and the Living Library is destined to be the first in the next great spiritual adventure novel series!

~ Angela Valentine, editor (