Participating in the Global Launch

There are several ways to participate in the Global Launch of Roya’s Story.


All we ask is that you  purchase the ebook for 99 cents on Amazon Launch Day.

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Once you are in, there are several levels of participation, all optional.

    1. Help promo the launch by inviting others to the Launch Team
    2. Purchase the ebook for 99 cents on Amazon Launch Day and help us get best seller status. (Date to be announced)
    3. Read the PDF copy of the book and write a review or testimonial


And if you want to help fund the global launch, please consider supporting us by joining the premium level group for extra benefits.

With this special package, you’ll get a limited edition autographed hardback copy of the book, shipped to anywhere in the world.

Plus, you will get to participate in a special online course that will take you behind the scenes of the book, exploring the concepts, insights and awarenesses connected to the prophecy.

This course will also include a workshop on working with guides to create fiction stories and other creative projects. The process will follow the order of events in the story so you can follow the course week by week as you are reading the book. This will be a video course with both live and pre-recorded content.

Register now for $222, and for $333 after the launch.

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The Course will start after the launch of the print versions of the book the first week of February 2018.